Pastor Kathy

Kathy Spuler


Kathy was born and raised in a pastor’s home. Her dad, Rev. John J. Pagano, pastored churches in upstate New York and in New Jersey. Because of growing up in a parsonage, many facets of the ministry come as second nature to her.

While she serves in many capacities, her real passion is to counsel and help people come into the fullness of all that God has purposed for their lives. Her greatest sorrow is to see people live an unfulfilled and unhappy life because of what “people, places and things” have done to them in their past. She firmly believes that Jesus came not only to save us from our sin, but also to deliver us from our past with all its dysfunction and baggage. Her greatest joy is witnessing inner healing and God’s transforming power at work.

Kathy enjoys co-pastoring with her husband and uses her gifts in every way possible to build the Kingdom and strengthen the ministry at HighStreet Worship Center. In addition to being Pastor of Administration, as an interior decorator by vocation, she enjoys any opportunity to space plan and decorate. In the corporate world, Kathy was responsible for event planning, and she thoroughly enjoys orchestrating all social activities of our church as well.

Kathy is the proud “Nona” of 6 wonderful grandchildren. They are the joy and delight of her heart and she relishes pouring lots of love into their lives.