High Street Worship Center is a Spirit-filled, multi-cultural community of believers from all generations who are called to model the first century New Testament church in bringing the Kingdom of God to Burlington, NJ, so that “unto Him there would be glory in the Church by Christ Jesus, throughout all ages, world without end.” (Ephesians 3:21)


The Mission of High Street Worship Center is to be a Church where People Encounter and Experience the Father’s Love & Embrace.


  • God’s calling is for His Church be a House of Prayer (Mark 11:17) and PRAYER is the most important ministry of the church. Through prayer, all other ministry is energized.
  • The Bible is the FOUNDATION for all activities in the church and is our standard for faith and practice.
  • The key dynamic to life in the church is the HOLY SPIRIT and we desire His fellowship, leadership, anointing, gifts and manifestations.
  • Evangelizing the lost is the most important MISSION of the church and that our church will grow as believers share the Gospel by the life they lead and the witness they share.
  • The fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22) is the mark and evidence of true Christianity and every believer should be committed to GROW in Christ-like character and wholeness.
  • Those who lead in our church must demonstrate true Christ-likeness, be emotionally whole and have the heart of a SERVANT.
  • Anointed biblical TEACHING, with practical APPLICATION, is the catalyst for transformation.
  • Ministries of HSWC should be culturally RELEVANT, doctrinally PURE, and Biblically UNCOMPROMISING.
  • Our responsibility is to honor God through the STEWARDSHIP of our Time, Gifts, Calling and Finances.
  • A culture of HONOR should earmark the Church of God; and proper recognition should be given to individuals, celebrating who they are and what they have accomplished.
  • EXCELLENCE should distinguish all we do for God.

Our Mission